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DNP Photo Imaging Europe Newsletter
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August 2, 2017 Vol. 3, No. 18

Software Update
Hot Folder Print v2.3 is Available.

This is to inform you of the availability of Hot Folder Print v2.3.0.4

What's New?

In the interest  of providing better service and performance, corrections and improvements have been applied in this version.
Hot Folder Print v2.3.0.4 is available for download 


 for free of charge.
DNP Photo Imaging Europe

The innovative software tool for the fastest workflow from shoot to print.

Addressing the needs of professional photographers onsite or in the studio, the Hot Folder Print (HFP) allows for a fast and simple print workflow. Whether you send the images wirelessly from your camera or drag & drop them after retouching them, this software helps you to get your prints in an instant, in the format you choose. It allows for easy language change, uploading customised borders, configuring the correct print format and more. HFP provides for the ability to create borders, edit borders, and adjust colour. All images the software receives are archived for future re-print. Printing your photos has never been simpler!

When a compatible image file is copied into a monitored folder it is sent to an attached printer for output. Each monitored file folder has a simple name such as 4x6, 6x8, or 8x12 that refers to the output size that will be produced. The Hot Folder Print produces a single copy of each image and then moves the image file to an archive folder. Archive folders are created automatically for each day that the software is utilised to help organise your images and to let you find them again for reprint easily.

HFP supports adding borders to images before printing. Customised borders can be added easily using the built-in border utility accessed through the Admin menu. From here, the user can import and edit borders, and then save them to the folder that corresponds to the desired output size.

HFP v2.1.2.4. now supports DS620, DS40, DS80, RX1, and DS80DX printers. It operates in a one-to-many printing mode. This means that if multiple similar printers, loaded with the same media format, are connected to the system, prints will be sent to all printers for greater speed.

Easy setup

HFP enables you to upload borders, edit borders, adjust colour. While sending file to print automatically, it archives all images for re-print and further use. Hot Folder Print serves as a print engine to DNP or third-party photo software. 

Faster workflow

Hot folder Print is the easy way to accelerate your print processes. It performs great, both on location and in your studio. You can work tethered, via wifi or by manual drag & drop into the hot folder. The software works in one-to-many printing mode for maximum speed.

Customisable borders

With HFP, you have the option to upload borders for the occasion or event, and you can edit text directly in the softwarE


  • Beautiful pictures

    As with all DNP products, you will produce high-quality photo prints in a variety of formats. 

  • Free of charge

    Download the software free of charge from DNP’s website.HERE FREE!

      • PC
      • Windows 8, 7
        .NET version 4.5
        2GB RAM or greater
        1024×768 video resolution or greater
        20 GB of free disk space
      • Printers
      • DS620, DS40, DS-RX1, DS80 and DS80DX
      • Print sizes
      • DS620



      • 9x13, 10x15, 13x18 & 15x20 cm (3.5x5", 4x6", 5x7", 6x8")
        9x13, 10x15, 13x18, 15x20 & 15x23 cm (3.5x5", 4x6", 5x7", 6x8", 6x9“)
        10x15, 13x18 & 15x20 cm (4x6", 5x7", 6x8“)
        15x20, 15x23, 20x25 & 20x30 cm (6x8“, 6x9", 8x10", 8x12")
        20x25, 20x30 & 20x27 cm (8x10", 8x12“, 8x10.5")
      • Printer mode
      • One-to-many (if multiple printers are connected, loaded with similar media format)