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PartyPrint v.1.8 available!  MOBILE EVENT APPLICATION



The ingenious mobile print application for snapshots on weddings and corporate events

DNP’s Party Print allows wedding & event photographers to tap into a new source of income from party snapshots. With a PC, a DNP printer and the Party Print system installed on location, plus a free mobile app for smartphones and tablets (iOS and Android), the business potential is huge!

DNP’s Party Print is compatible with DS620, DS40, DS80 and DS-RX1 (available separately). The system comprises of a CD-ROM (with installer software, Party Print screensaver & documentation), a software license key, and a wireless router to accept the photos sent from event guests. It works on current PCs.

Your business model as an event photographer is usually a rental model, installing the system including the printer and a set of photo consumables on an event (optionally with graphical border specific for the event).

Party Print allows event guests to easily transfer photos via Wi-Fi.
• It’s the modern version of free film cameras on the table. Event guests use their mobile devices to capture memorial “candid” shots.
• Archives all of the images that it prints. Event hosts can receive copies of the digital files.
• Party Print can be customised: Party Print can add a customised graphical border to each print.


With Party Print, DNP is the proud winner of the Marketing and Innovation Award 2013/2014!