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The ideal passport & ID photo system for retail – fast, simple to use, reliable to deliver passport photos that pass the test. Including interesting options for more revenues!

The DS-ID400/WLAN ID & passport system enjoy the simple wireless workflow. Profitable and customer-focused passport and ID photo services are at the core for many retailers. A service easy to integrate and simple to manage is a great benefit also for non-photo retailers.

Continuing the legacy created by Sony in passport & ID photography, DNP developed created a passport & ID photo system that will convince you with its unique convenience. In three easy steps the photo is captured, reviewed and printed within two minutes. Adding features that further increase the retailers’ revenue, the all-in-one printer and camera system makes it simpler than ever to participate in this profitable business.

DNP offers attractive Point of Sale material that advertises your Passport & ID system to your customers for more customer awareness of your service and hence higher revenues. Kits are available in English, French, German, Italian, Spanish and Dutch. Optional photo wallets can be provided in which the customer can bring the images home and store them